Feb. 11th, 2007

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LJ seems quiet with so many of my friends in Brighton yesterday for BiFest!

It did sound rather fab and enticing, but I've been pootling along quite productively at home.

Are any of you lot doing or considering home-based education for your offspring? Because there's a Government consultation coming up about it that you might want to know about if so. See Education Otherwise site for a briefing type thingy (there's a link on the front page to the briefing PDF).

Actually, that's probably of potential interest to anyone, as it involves the prospect of some rights being taken away from parents and children, and given to the state. And it involves some questions about the right to privacy which also have implications for everyone and certainly for every parent. But it's the home-ed families who would feel the immediate effects.

(Please, nobody go down that tunnel whereby home education = teeny classroom in a house, only chosen by obsessive religious people who don't want their offspring to know about evolution. That's the equivalent of "bi people are all confused and immature" in its stereotype rating.)

Yeah, while I'm on the subject anyway, another link: Speech by John Heppell MP which is a nicely constructed intro to elective home-based education (although I don't think the figures quoted there for the number of home ed families can be right - either there are more families or fewer children).


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