Mar. 3rd, 2007

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Could use some help with what I suspect is easy stuff to more geekly-knowledgeable peeps than I...

"As regular readers may know" I'm planning to get a new computer - a quiet one. Having been around the houses and back again a few times on how exactly to obtain it, I seem to have come to the conclusion that I'm building it myself and it can't be all that hard. So now I am in the process of inventing my spec.

Well, at the moment I have a CRT monitor which still works OK. So I'm not planning to buy a new monitor to go with the new computer. But, if and when this one fails, the next one will probably be flat screen, so I need to think ahead about connections.

I know there is this thing called DVI which is Digital Video Interface which is the best one for flat screens. And I know that CRT ones use VGA which is Video Graphics Array, which is analog.

I see there are such things as DVI to VGA adaptors, so providing I've got a DVI output on the new computer, I could presumably use one of those to connect to my current monitor (?)

In terms of building the computer, I was thinking it would be simplest if I could get a motherboard with onboard graphics rather than a separate graphics card (as I don't have any graphics-heavy uses in mind for the computer). But as yet I don't seem to have found any motherboards with DVI. Are there any? Or are they all (if they have graphics at all) and they just don't say so?

Other comments/advice welcome...



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