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Could use some help with what I suspect is easy stuff to more geekly-knowledgeable peeps than I...

"As regular readers may know" I'm planning to get a new computer - a quiet one. Having been around the houses and back again a few times on how exactly to obtain it, I seem to have come to the conclusion that I'm building it myself and it can't be all that hard. So now I am in the process of inventing my spec.

Well, at the moment I have a CRT monitor which still works OK. So I'm not planning to buy a new monitor to go with the new computer. But, if and when this one fails, the next one will probably be flat screen, so I need to think ahead about connections.

I know there is this thing called DVI which is Digital Video Interface which is the best one for flat screens. And I know that CRT ones use VGA which is Video Graphics Array, which is analog.

I see there are such things as DVI to VGA adaptors, so providing I've got a DVI output on the new computer, I could presumably use one of those to connect to my current monitor (?)

In terms of building the computer, I was thinking it would be simplest if I could get a motherboard with onboard graphics rather than a separate graphics card (as I don't have any graphics-heavy uses in mind for the computer). But as yet I don't seem to have found any motherboards with DVI. Are there any? Or are they all (if they have graphics at all) and they just don't say so?

Other comments/advice welcome...

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Vital feminist issue coming up here...

Most midwives in the UK work for the NHS and are therefore constrained by NHS shortages and policies. E.g. it's fairly rare under the NHS to actually get to know your midwife before the birth (even if the midwife themself would prefer to work that way) and midwives may change shift in the middle of the birth (even if the midwives themselves would prefer not to). And since you can't choose your midwife, it's pot luck whether you get one who's in tune with what you want. (E.g. some are un-confident about home birth, even though statistically it's safer, and would really rather you gave up the idea.)

There aren't many independent midwives, but i.m.e. they are a beacon of good practice and a huge resource of experience and expertise, inc for women-centred practice in general, waterbirth, VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian), natural breech birth, and other skills which the NHS ought to provide but generally doesn't.

If independent midwives get made illegal it would be a v v v bad thing.

Couple of links...
1. How independent midwifery in the UK is under threat
2. A petition

Thanks for reading... please propagate...
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LJ seems quiet with so many of my friends in Brighton yesterday for BiFest!

It did sound rather fab and enticing, but I've been pootling along quite productively at home.

Are any of you lot doing or considering home-based education for your offspring? Because there's a Government consultation coming up about it that you might want to know about if so. See Education Otherwise site for a briefing type thingy (there's a link on the front page to the briefing PDF).

Actually, that's probably of potential interest to anyone, as it involves the prospect of some rights being taken away from parents and children, and given to the state. And it involves some questions about the right to privacy which also have implications for everyone and certainly for every parent. But it's the home-ed families who would feel the immediate effects.

(Please, nobody go down that tunnel whereby home education = teeny classroom in a house, only chosen by obsessive religious people who don't want their offspring to know about evolution. That's the equivalent of "bi people are all confused and immature" in its stereotype rating.)

Yeah, while I'm on the subject anyway, another link: Speech by John Heppell MP which is a nicely constructed intro to elective home-based education (although I don't think the figures quoted there for the number of home ed families can be right - either there are more families or fewer children).
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Any of you lot want to build me a PC? for money? or know someone reliable who might?

the what and the why )
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I've just finished converting my talk from the Health Summit into a web page.

It is here:

I've also made available a Powerpoint file in case people want to do their own similar talks using my graphics. (see end of page for details).

Getting that finished has been on one of my lists since June. Yay. And several months later I'm still rather amused at some of the graphics I drew.
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Hurrah! and phew!

Somewhat at the eleventh hour and rather to my amazement, we did in fact manage to get the buggy axle back together. And this is how... )

So, on the whole, hurrah! and thanks to all who offered encouragement, luck etc.


Sep. 24th, 2006 10:39 pm
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Had problems with the buggy brake - it won't go on properly. It's always been a bit temperamental. Had a look at it. I think I know how to fix it now.

Unfortunately in investigating it I unscrewed a bolt and BOINK! I had released a shock-absorber spring, and now it won't go back. Or rather, the spring itself will go back, but because of the spring's resistance I can't get the sockets to line up for the bolt to go back in.

Bother bother bother. And other such words (ruder).

And then... )

Encouragement and/or "been there"-type anecdotes welcome :-)

BiCon 2006

May. 28th, 2006 09:00 pm
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With some reluctance and wistfulness I've decided no BiCon for me this year. It's partly the money but more the time/energy factor. There's lots I want to do this summer and I couldn't quite reconcile how it was all going to fit in without feeling like "too much happening". It was a bit like trying lots of different ways to pack a suitcase, and when you decide to leave out one big slightly-awkwardly-shaped thing, suddenly everything else fits neatly without getting squashed.

I know it's not that unusual for organisers from one year to miss the next, and I think there's definitely an element of "BiCon ate my summer of 2005" still present, but I'm not like "Nobody mention the word!" It's more like: on the one hand I realised I didn't want to spend a lot of time inventing stuff for BiCon this year, and on the other hand if I did a "just hang out and see people" one without any new inventions, I think I'd be bored (and be wondering why I'd gone all the way to Glasgow, when lots of the people I'd see will be popping up other places too). So it somehow just doesn't quite fit.

Wishing a good one to those who are going, though :-)
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Anyone else seen the Coldplay video with the two dancers? It came on when I was in the gym today. I shed a tear! Found it very moving. Grace, beauty, skill and strength - there is an old age to aspire to. And I couldn't have done those dance moves even when I was 18!

I wanted to know more about the dancers (it says their names in another link - Spencer and Barbara). Disappointed to discover by Googling that it's old footage from the 1980s. I wonder if there's any chance Barbara's still alive? I'd like to send fan mail. Maybe now they're famous, something will appear.

I wonder if the band picked that footage because they think like me? Or if they just thought (as the reviewers so far apparently do) it was weird and/or amusing?
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Hello peeps

Next week [ profile] ippola and I are doing some bi-awareness training.

Back in early 2003 I wrote this post about genuine bi-inclusion in LGBT groups, and this is a topic we're going to include.

If anyone wants to contribute more anecdotes (e.g. similar to [ profile] cryx's one in the comments there), I would be delighted and they would be very useful! They can be anonymous (in fact they probably will all be, unless you specially want your name included).

Other insights also very welcome. I don't mind whether you comment on the old post or on here. Or email me if you'd rather. memevector at uncharted-worlds dot org.

If it's an anecdote, please say whenabouts the incident took place, e.g. a year or "mid nineties" or something.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Jan. 17th, 2006 10:03 pm
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I'm thinking I'm going to stop reading LJ for a while, at least more or less.

It's a tricky one because there are aspects of it that I really like. But I want to have less going on, and LJ is a contender for somewhere I could simplify.

Some thoughts on this... )
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Not doing too well here. I've got this gum inflammation thing around two of my back teeth which comes and goes, and when it comes, eating is painful. :-(

I've had a similar thing before and I know (both from past experience and from the pattern of its coming and going this time) that it's linked to stress and overload and doing too much in a non-stop way. So I am trying my best to heed its warning and only do the essentials.

It's difficult though. There are still both some essentials that have to be by me, and some things which although I could cancel them and would quite like to, they are paid things and I am skint.

Have had a few good conversations about how things got like this and what needs to change. Most of the main parameters seem pretty intractable so I think it mostly needs to be the subtle things that change. But sometimes the subtle things can make a lot of difference.

Mind you I am still better off in circumstances than lots of people and I'm not disregarding that. And lots of things are still good, and in fact some of the hectic pace recently has been from good things moving on. Wouldn't swop my life. Just struggling more than usual at the moment with the sheer multi-stranded nonstopness of "things coming at me to be handled".
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Happy New Year!

I had thought I would like to spend the closing hours of the old year doing roundy-offy things, but instead I spent several of them asleep :-)

that was good too though :-)

Woke up in time to see the new year in with people I love.

I did do a good roundy-offy thing the other day - finished converting to HTML that thing I sent to the Government about the porn possession consultation.

It is now up at

Although that consultation stage is closed now, discussions will continue. So it would still be worth propagating that link around to anyone who might be interested in an(other) analysis of the proposed legislation. I've emailed the Backlash campaign people about maybe linking to it from their site, but if any of you know anyone else who'd be interested (or just want to stick a link on your LJ or whatever), please pass the word. Thanks!
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What an adventure that was.

Big thanks to [ profile] wandra, [ profile] skibbley, [ profile] baratron, [ profile] slightlyfoxed, [ profile] taimatsu, [ profile] illusiveash, [ profile] 36, [ profile] alexa_robinson, A, W, P and anyone I've forgotten, all of whom helped me to clarify my thoughts, either by commenting on the draft and/or giving me information or by listening to me ranting, plus in [ profile] wandra's case by joining me in the first mishy mashy "get it all on the table" analysis and taking notes while I did some washing-up :-)

My thoughts in retrospect... )
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have sent off final version now of my response to the extreme porn possession consultation.

PDF here

if anyone still wants to drop the government a line this afternoon, see here for the email address.

no time now for more, have to go out!
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Finally got a version which I think is pretty much "there"!

Draft is here...
(PDF, <40k.)

If anyone would like to do me the favour of reading it before about 11am - 12am tomorrow (Friday), I would much appreciate it.

I'm not sure if anyone will have time, 'cause it is quite long, but if you do... )

I haven't got time now to HTMLify it; not sure if I will do that eventually. But I will almost certainly stick the final version on the web even if only as PDF.

What an epic that was. And I still could make it better if I had time to simmer it another few weeks, so I'm slightly antsy now like: doh! could have started it earlier etc. etc. But I am fairly satisfied with it and at least I managed to do something.

By the way, I got really aware in the process of writing of how biased the consultation document was. It really did not help with getting the issues clear in my head. People who in the end didn't respond to the consultation partly because of that could still make a brief complaint about the consultation process. I might do that as well - I've already commented on it within the document, but the complaint goes to a different person.
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Have been grappling for several days now with trying to write a thing for the government on this consultation, "On the possession of extreme pornographic material".

More about writing on this subject... )

Update, about 23.30: Here is another good one, at which I chuckled a little bit due to its excellently written pointyness. And hurrah, it's by a proper expert.


Oct. 25th, 2005 10:53 am
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Thanks [ profile] calum, [ profile] lovingboth, [ profile] sermoa & [ profile] drdoug for Windows advice. Many files now deleted, and I imagine my C drive going "haaaaah! Room to breathe!"
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This feels like a bit of a "kindergarten" question and I feel slightly foolish needing to ask it, as if I "ought to know" already... but by the same token if it's as kindergarten as all that then it won't be much trouble for someone to answer me :-)

I just want to know: the stuff in the Windows TEMP folder, would that be things I have to be careful about deleting or is it basically just leftover crap? Or how can I tell the difference? Because there is rather a lot of it at the moment and I could do with reclaiming some drive space.

This is Win98 by the way (and no I don't want to upgrade, I don't care that it's a bit pants, it generally does what I need it to do and I don't have the brain space to even want to think about any extra logistics at the moment unless I have to)

Thanks in advance for advice.
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